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Tilly has been coming to Belvidere Veterinary Hospital for 10 years! She recently had a physical exam with Dr. Moore and they LOVE her! Her mom had noticed Tilly rubbing her mouth and was concerned there might be an issue. Tilly’s exam indicated she needed at least a dental cleaning and the full set of x-rays she would have would tell us more. Her advice to other pet owners about pet dental health? Try to start tooth brushing when pets are young! Tilly bounced right back after her cleaning.

Midnight’s mom wanted everyone to know that the whole staff is wonderful, I use Belvidere Veterinary Hospital all the time! Advice for other pet owners about pet dental health? It’s important for our pets to feel better! Stella and Shea’s mom told us, “All the staff are great and Dr. Moore is a great addition to Belvidere Veterinary Hospital!. The dogs bounced back from their dental cleanings. I didn’t know they needed them but Dr. Moore showed me during their examination. Brush your dogs’ teeth!!

I am writing this review to acknowledge the friendly, welcoming, and comforting response my family received from everyone who worked in the kennel at Wignall Animal Hospital over Labor Day weekend. My family had never boarded an animal before and when we were presented with an opportunity to travel as a family for the long weekend to a place that did not allow dogs we were at somewhat of a loss. I was referred to Wignall by one of their employees, Kelsey Anderson, and we decided to give it a try. My mom, who is especially close with our dog, was extremely ambivalent about boarding her.

When I arrived at Wignall on Friday afternoon to drop off our dog, Penny, I was greeted by a few girls at the front desk. They were all very helpful and patient as Penny tried to wander away from me while I filled out paperwork. Penny is a recue dog that we adopted about a year prior to her stay at Wignall. She is a very timid dog and gets really nervous around lots of people and other animals. My main concerns for Penny were that she wouldn’t want to leave her crate and that she would refuse to eat or drink during her stay. When Kelsey came out to the office to take Penny back to the kennel I expressed my apprehensions and she assured me that they would contact me if they felt that she wasn’t eating or drinking enough.

While I was still a little uneasy about leaving Penny behind, I left feeling confident that if she was uncomfortable, we would be informed and I could come pick her up. Kelsey was not working on this particular weekend and truly went above and beyond her expectations as an employee at Wignall. She remained in contact with her coworkers and took time out of her weekend off to reach out to me and assure my family that Penny was doing well. Each time I received a message about Penny, I was excited to share it with my family as it put us all at ease. Kelsey even sent a couple of photos of Penny playing outside!

It is very obvious that Kelsey and the rest of the staff at Wignall are all truly committed to their jobs and to the animals they care for. It meant so much to our family to stay in touch with the people caring for Penny and to hear she was doing well. While we don’t travel often, I am more than confident that if we are ever in a situation where we need to board a pet again Wignall will be our first and only option. There was not a single negative aspect to our experience and I would absolutely recommend Wingall Animal Hospital with confidence.

Andrea L.

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